Friday, November 30, 2007

Zoo picture of the day 11.30

Ooh, last picture I think. Well, of the animals at this zoo. For this visit. And it's a crappy photo, what with the glare and everything. I've had enough of an upturn in visitors (holy crap - i got 15 one day - new record FYI) that I might just post everyday. Quantity > quality, especially when there was always a chronic shortage of the latter.

About the animal though: My one gripe about this exhibit was that there was no sand. How in the hell is an ostrich supposed to stick its head in the sand, when there is none? ANSWER ME THAT, ZOOPEOPLE. (incidentally, the zoopeople was an interesting exhibit on its own, but there was no photography allowed). That said, the ostrich is a frightening animal. I can imagine it running up to me (apparently at up to 40mph; tell me this website isn't a little fascinating) and pecking the shit out of my face, and then kicking me like 4 miles.

I guess the summary of the zoo is that I am glad for the person who invented cages. Good job.

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T-Money said...

Thank you for the valuable information. I think my favorite thing about that website is that the Mongolian Wild Ass also runs at up to 40 mph. That is interesting to me as most of the American wild asses I know max out at about 13 mph. I guess those Mongolian's are fast!