Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Zoo picture of the day 11.21

This is an interesting selection, as it gives a peek into zoo life behind the scenes:
While everyone (I hope) realizes that human babies are not delivered by storks, zoo babies actually ARE!!! Of course they aren't normal storks, they're optimized for carrying and are mostly mechanical (that's right, your fears about flying cyborgs was justified. hope they never fly out of remote control range). As you can see, antelope babies are a little larger than your average human child. Another interesting aspect of this sign is that Isabel has a 1/2 sister. While in human society this would point to a child sharing only one parent, in the animal kingdom it actually indicates a partial animal. And sure enough, in the exhibit was an antelope with only two legs. The cruel part was that it was the front and rear left legs only, so each attempt to stand was a hopeless failure. Luckily the poor animal only attempted to stand for a few hours before breaking several ribs, going into shock and losing consciousness.

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Do your work benefits give you access to seeing a Psychotherapist? I think you might want to look into it...