Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Zoo picture of the day 11.28

Isn't this an oddly proportioned animal? I looked around for other photos but apparently no one has captured pictures of this elusive animal in the wild. I think it has stubby little legs. Or a beer gut. Either way it's ridiculous. And those stripes? Everyone says that's camouflage but it's also the pattern some prison inmates wear, and I doubt anyone would want to camouflage an inmate. The only conclusion I can reach is that somehow, the animal kingdom has found a way to mark offending horse/donkey types for committing crimes. I wonder what sorts of crime. Also, I wonder if other animals commit crimes, and if so, why don't we see similarly marked lions, elephants, etc?

That's because lions are badasses, that's why. And elephants are too friggin' huge to mark. Smaller, pussier animals I can't explain. Maybe horses are the only animals dumb enough to get caught.

Don't worry, these zoo entries will end soon.


T-Money said...

I heart the zoo entries!

Andy said...

I once dreamed about running up to a zebra donkey, and kicking it, on a golf fairway.


Sam said...

that's a loser's dream.