Monday, November 5, 2007

My Hero

Actual email today to everyone in the office:

If your license plate number is 42xxxx please give me a call when you are leaving my parking space #13 that way I can move my car into my space.

Holy poop. I tip my hat to you sir; I consider myself a professional passive aggressive, but you put me to shame. I can just see this guy's car idling for 7 hours waiting for this spot. You can envision the next email:

Hi, if you're currently in my house, could you let me know when you're done looting because I need some things, if you didn't take them.

And then, probably finally:

Hi, if you're currently on the sidewalk, please let me know when you've moved so I use that spot to arrest my 30 story fall.


T-Money said...

So, did you move your car, or what?

Sam said...

yes but not far enough over for him to fit in his spot.