Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Zoo picture of the day 11.20

You were waiting with bated breath, and I know it. This is a bird that only eats things in the rough shape/size of a human head. At the time of this picture, the zoo had settled on tossing a small pumpkin in. That only fools the birds for a few days however, before their bloodlust returns. If you bring an annoying child to the zoo, the lion notices and alerts this bird, who waits for the aforementioned youth to pass in front of the cage (located adjacent the lion's). The bird, thought to be flightless and thusly located behind a fence with no cage above, swoops in and plucks the offending youngster from whatever transport they're located in. It quickly plucks the eyes from the skull. After this, a few choice portions of the brain are sampled by the sharp beak before the bird's craving is satiated. After this, the symbiotic relationship with the lion is completed via transport of the still living child through a tunnel between the cages, where the lion finishes the meal.

Source - National Geographic, November 1846

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