Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Zoo picture of the day 11.27

Ah, and here we are at the miscellaneous animal pen. If I were a zoo tenant, here is where I would reside. Just look at the complete ambivalence exhibited by that youngster. It's good that this was one of our last stops on our tour, it's resoundingly underwhelming. The kangaroo, in its defense, is a dwarf version or something, so a real one would probably be cooler (and able to jump this puny fence and roundhouse you in the face before you could say 'throw another shrimp on the barbie, mate' in that crappy Australian accent you do). The emu with it (and the random sheep in the background - hey, buddy) are pretty uninteresting. I guess at night they do a pretty cool laser light show where they blow up a few of the animals, and I would have liked to stay for that but I really had to pee and they wouldn't let me go on any of the animals. It's really a bizarre line the zoo draws about what you can and can not do; I mean, there's an interactive bestiality exhibit, but I can't piss on an emu? Seriously?

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