Wednesday, October 3, 2007

T shirt fodder

Our new home in Salem has lots of interesting new places nearby. Some are restaurants, some are Tarot card reading places, some are liquor stores. My favorite (which is coincidentally the closest) is Bunghole Liquors. Now, the bunghole has several different definitions. According to, it is a hole in a cask through which it is filled. However, urban dictionary has a different take: 1)Rectum, brown eye, poop chute. I probably don't have to say which one makes me giggle.

Anyway, BL makes their own booze:
Three guesses as to how much this 750mL bottle cost: $7.99 (<---highlight for answer) They also provide the final piece to my Steel Reserve collection:The anticipation is killing you, isn't it?Mmm. That's right, enough alcohol in one package (under $2) to kill a small child. Not that you'd give this to a child, or course. They'd probably just throw it up, anyway. Anyway, that led to this:Which, incidentally, led to some of the worst next day beer farts in history. Sorry, neighbors and visiting Mormons.

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Anonymous said...

I like how one of the Urban Dictionary definitions is submitted by Latisha. That makes it real urban, not any of that fake urban.