Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In case you were tempted

I had this whole post written, and it was sorta funny, about a little biographical blurb at the end of an editorial for a local newspaper. I thought it had a typo in it that indicated the writer was planning on hunting his grandkids, which was funny. I started writing the post and found out I misread it, and it actually made sense - "whom he will be encouraging to hunt" instead of "whom he will be encouraged to hunt". Windham Sentinal 1, Sam 0.

Anyhoo, I'll substitute something entirely different and not nearly as funny. The old bait and switch.

Every time I climb the stairs to go to work, I do three things. First, I breathe through my mouth, because the stair tower smells like vomit, and I think always will. Second, I force myself to go to work and stay the whole day. Third, I see this sign. Now I know you're thinking, wow, when was that sign relevant? I'll tell you. 1989 was the last time smoking was allowed in public spaces, and Unionmutual demutualized in 1986. Which I think means they changed their name to something shorter (UNUM). So this sign is at least 21 years old, and yet it remains at its post, day after day, protecting the occupants of the office from second, third, and fourth hand smoke. Which makes it approximately 30 times more productive than me. It does not, however, protect the occupants from being stuck in strangely shaped cube while the roof leaks on their desks. Maybe that's a different sign.

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Anonymous said...

Your dedication to researching your blogs inspires me. Bravo sir. BRAVO