Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I was driving home the other day, half listening to the radio, when something came on that caught my attention, and has subsequently changed my life. Eli Jaxon Bear (yes, that's his real name, don't you judge) was talking about awakening, and how one only realizes themselves when they realize that 'everything that is born and dies is not real, and everything that has no beginning or end is real'. Listen! (1:01 in) Isn't that INCREDIBLE? Don't worry about it not making sense, it's going to change who you are - or should I say, who you THOUGHT you were. Eh? That's what I thought.

*update* - It has since come to my attention that Eli is not who I thought he was. I'm beginning to think he doesn't really know who, or what, he is, and as a result, my faith is shattered. I'm sorry but I can no longer follow blindly behind a leader like this. Plus, you heard him talk. Everything's dying. He's right. So.....Orwellian.

What a douche.


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Don Pardo said...

If someone has done you the huge favor of demonstrating to you first-hand why you should follow no one, and if someone has allowed you to realize even for just a brief moment how desperately and repeatedly you confabulate "changed my life" scenarios for yourself, you owe that someone a great debt, whoever he/she may be.

As for Eliot Jay Zeldow (yes, that's his real name, don't you judge :-), he is indeed dying, which is the only "awakening" that can possibly exist, my friend.

"Don't follow leaders,
Watch the parkin' meters...."