Thursday, September 27, 2007

Odds and Ends

- For whatever reason, it seems like a good idea to some unknown culprit to urinate in the commuter rail cars. And, from the smell of it, in EACH AND EVERY car. It's either that, or 90% of the population of metro Boston smells like hobos.

Or maybe just I do? Quick, someone smell me.

-On the subject of trains, I rode on a train with some kids, I'd estimate their age at about 12-14. This is funny, because they were unattended, and they made it to their stop with no problems. Yesterday, I rode halfway to Lowell before I realized I was on the wrong train. No worries, just an hour of my life, gone and unrecoverable. I wish I could sue the MBCR for my stupidity. Although I think our courts are backed up enough as it is, I'd have a case list 40,000 long (that's what she said) if it was allowed.

-If you listen to iTunes, please turn off the Backstreet Boys anthology and tune into ABF clubbing, under radio/international. You're doing yourself a favor, although your neighbors will not enjoy your lightstick performance.

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