Saturday, September 22, 2007

Peace out, ME

Due to someone's inability to find honest employment in The Great State of Maine, we found it necessary to relocate outside the Pine Tree State. So last Saturday, we spent the day packing up all our belongings, in order to clutter up a new place of residence. I made a feeble attempt to enact policy which would require all new possessions to be procured, but the motion did not gain any support in our bicameral legislature. I needed 51% of the vote and could summon only 50. So it goes.

While packing, we came across some unique items, including a fancy Samsonite fanny pack (which I used to keep my most important belongings in for the duration of the move), and someone's spare cat. Here I am, taking a break with both.

After minimal (relatively speaking) difficulties clearing the house, we took to the road in a beautiful steel steed.She only had 22,000 miles on the clock, most of which were accumulated between the local Goodwill store and the urine factory, judging from the smell. No worries, at this point I hadn't showered in three days and was riding in the truck alone (L said it had nothing to do with my personal hygiene - looking back I think maybe that was a little white lie).

I managed to take the truck the 90 or so miles to our new location in Salem, MA (no i haven't seen any witches, ha ha ha ha), where we brought all our newly modularized possessions into the apartment, where they still sit today. Unpacking is overrated anyway. I think we can work the boxes into an IKEA-like efficient storage system. Many homeless use a similar strategy with dramatic effect. They have nicer boxes to work with though, like appliance ones. Lucky, lucky folks, those homeless.

I'll miss the old place though, there won't be nearly enough room for my new performance art exhibit. You can look for it in a few months; it's under development. I'll have to find some new space for rehearsal, but here's a sneak preview:

A Positive Blue Ball Experience from Sam on Vimeo..
Needless to say, I'm very proud of it.


T-Money said...

Wow! Sounds like it was a successful move, Bravo! Please let me know when your show/exhibit opens, if it's not too much trouble I would greatly appreciate 3 VIP tickets, one for me and 2 for some of my friends that have a thing for blue balls. Thank you kindly.

t's mom said...

Wishing you much success in both endeavors.....the relocation and the new exhibit. Nice floors!

May you and L find nothing but happiness in Witchville!

Sam said...

thanks, faithful readers. i think i could open for blue man group or something, i have the whole color thing in common at least.

that and the dazzling use of props.