Thursday, September 6, 2007

He chose...poorly

So I have this myspace page. It isn't much, and I didn't even create it, but it's mine. And sometimes, one of my 12 (seriously) friends puts up a bulletin. I like to think of these as fishing for attention. It's a message that all your friends can see, whether they want to or not. According to myspace, after you read these bulletins, there are two courses of action (sort of like a choose your own adventure, just with relationships with real people) to take: 1) You can reply to the bulletin: Hi friend, I enjoyed your message. Thanks!, or 2)You can delete your friend. Bye!I like this polarization - make a choice, and don't screw up. It's like if you're asked what you want to eat at a local restaurant, and if you choose to get sour cream on your burrito, they punch you in the face. And it forces you to reevaluate your relationship every time your friend decides to be needy. At least this way you have recourse.

Typical example:
You: 'Sorry, but you had to send that one last 856 question survey, so we're not friends anymore.'
Former best friend: 'OK, but why did you send me a pipe bomb?'

I guess the third option is ignoring the bulletin, but that is so not the point.

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T-Money said...

hmmm, am I sensing a little hostility here?

Note to self: Never send out a bulliten.

I hope you deleted that MF