Thursday, May 1, 2008

Voting? Then you should have all the facts.

(Edited to allow readers to get joke)

Judging from the expansive reader base I have here, I'm sure there are some of you in Oregon, Montana, South Dakota, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, or North Carolina that have not yet cast your ballots in the Democratic primaries, caucuses, show of hands or game of gin that will decide who runs in the general election. I ignore the Republican side of things because they've managed to nominate a candidate and not cannibalize their party in the process.

Anyway, lots of things have come to light lately, what with Hillary having erroneous PTSD flashbacks of Bosnia, or Barack's involvement with a former member of the Weatherman's Underground.

Really, though, the important thing is to remember that there is truth in music. And it just so happens that Obama's got a slight lead in that department, thanks to the good folks FMB.

I think your choice just got easier.

(link credit due to dudes at uhh yeah dude, an incredibly entertaining podcast for no reason at all. Available at iTunes or your local podcast directory.)

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