Thursday, January 3, 2008

Do not attempt to duplicate

This Christmas, I decided what I wanted was a new wheel bearing. What I got was the worst repair experience ever. Compounded by the fact I no longer live in the state. Attempted to change the LR wheel bearing (changed RR last spring with minimal issues besides a broken 1/2" breaker bar). I figured this time would be even faster, with my 'experience' to guide me.

After not receiving the part via FedEx in time, I stopped in at my friendly local dealer, who gladly sold me the part at 150% of the online price. After disassembling (and trashing the old bearing in the process) I found that the new part wasn't for my car. And wouldn't fit. After that, I reassembled, which went poorly and resulted in a wheel that would turn only grudgingly. At that point, I put my tail between my legs and had it towed. On Christmas Eve.

Happily the garage was available to fix it on Thursday, and my mom (awww) met me halfway in Kittery last Saturday. In the meantime we drove L's uninsured Mazda (thankfully we hadn't sold it yet, and thankfully I didn't hit any children before we were able to get it insured - I mean, just kidding police who happen to be reading this blog - I wouldn't operate a motor vehicle in ANY state without appropriate levels of insurance; that's irresponsible). I returned the dealer part (gave them a dirty look - should have given their bathroom an upper decker) and will return the online part (it had arrived in my holiday absence) and will never speak of this again.

The good folks at Phil's Foreign Auto didn't ask too many questions, and I can live with a few laughs in the shop at my expense in exchange for a fully functional automobile (and a few dollars). Yet another healthy slice of humble pie to build character. So I'll be taking a brief hiatus from the world of DIY, methinks.

Other than that mishap, the holidays were very nice, I hope yours went as well or better.


T-Money said...

Bet you wished you had that PT Cruiser right about then!!

Missing you Samson!

Sam said...

T star!

Your blog is superb, and yet such a poor substitute for your actual companionship. I hope your finals went smoothly (enough) and maybe you had a nice holiday?