Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Gone but not forgotten

It's not everyday you drive down the street and see a giant penis painted there. When it's drawn on someone's street who really appreciates it, you know you have something special. Fellow blogger T-Money had this little treat awaiting her on her last days in Maine. We should all be so lucky.
In the interest of due diligence, I've been scouring the city for the corresponding vagina. No luck so far. I will probably make some creepy rebirthing post if I find one though, don't worry.

You should read Trina's page. It offers everything you wish this one had, like coherent sentences, logical paragraphs, and humor. I read it EVERY DAY. Soon, I'll start poaching ideas from her and you won't even have to read this page. *sigh*

1 comment:

T-Money said...

Thank you for the kind words. I took the same picture, but alas mine did not "come" out correctly. Stupid digital age.