Tuesday, March 13, 2007

High Gravity Standoff

I had the distinct pleasure this weekend of sampling not one, but two fine high gravity lagers courtesy of Dipietro's corner store. I patronize this particular establishment whenever possible, because the staff is 1) hilarious (during the latest encounter, I was regaled with tales of the good old days, when 60 ounce bottles of barley wine cost 80 cents) , 2) accommodating (they've been kind enough to let me in after closing to purchase 40 ounce beverages), and 3) withholds judgment of me and my choices in economical alcohols. Anyway, on to the review.


The moment the can is opened, one is immediately hit with an aroma one can only describe as rancid. After that, the initial taste is as if someone bottled boilermakers of budweiser and popov vodka. After a few of these sips, the taste mellows, or the taster gets buzzed to the point where it matters less what the beer tastes like, and more how quickly one can consume the contents of the can before they warm to the point where the odor kills kittens. Steel Reserve never tastes good, and also leaves the imbiber with a really bad hangover.


This particular beverage is new to my palate. I recently discovered it at Rite Aid and it was love at first sight. To be fair, I drank the Steel Reserve first, so it's not exactly like I had a cleansed palate. Anyhoo, I took my first sip of the Hurricane and was pleasantly surprised not to gag. As I continued, there were hints of what actually seemed to be beer intermixed in the flavoring. It didn't have the overbearing liquor taste like the SR, and was almost ok if I held my nose. I was able to consume the beer in a short enough time that it never had a chance to get warm and give me goose bumps on its last sip.

Winner: The surprise winner turns out to be Hurricane. I always enjoyed its brother, Hurricane lager (in 40 ounce form), and now I'm glad to say the high gravity is just as good. Try and pick up a 12 pack (for $5.99 +tax and deposit) or a 24 oz can ($0.99). Don't try and drink the 12 pack with a friend in one night, you won't be happy with the result. Also, don't mix with indian food because your burps will kill things.

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