Wednesday, March 21, 2007

24, Season 6

Let me volunteer, before I go any further, that I'm a big fan of 24. I started watching it during the first season. My college roommate, we'll call him Duck, recommended it. We thought the show would be cancelled halfway through, and that's why the 12th hour was so good - it could have doubled as a finale. Thankfully, it hasn't.

While people will criticize the writing on the show, it has always been fairly well acted, and the last few seasons have had great production - the explosions are top notch. It's addictive, as anyone who has picked up an older season on DVD and then sat through the next 18 eye-glazing hours falling for each episode ending cliffhanger. This week's episode was particularly engrossing to me, especially after a couple of lackluster hours. However, I do have to take exception to the scene with the drone being launched from Shadow Valley. Unless the US military is basing its research primarily on Hot Wheels cars, I don't buy that styrofoam looking miniature as a viable threat to our nation's security. Whatever. I'll tune in next week.


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