Wednesday, June 27, 2007

They've done it!

I apologize for the crappy cell phone picture, but this is important. While stalking the domestic section of the local grocery store beer sector, what do I spy but a 30 pack of steel reserve. Retail price: $15.49

That bargain price, packaged with the sheer quantity, requires me to do the following research:

What IS the cheapest way for me to get drunk?

Steel Reserve: 8.1% alc. by vol, 12oz can = $0.485/oz alcohol (it's still cheaper in the $5.99 12 pack. Stupid Hannaford - go to Rite Aid and get 2.5 12 packs for $14.98)

Generic gross vodka (Orloff anyone?): 40% alc, 1/2 gallon (64oz) @ $11.49 = $0.485/oz alcohol - A DEAD HEAT

Random bottle of wine: 12% alc, 750mL (25.4oz) @$2.99 (good shopping!) = $0.981 - Winos are on the wrong track.

Normal beer (beast lite?): 4.5% alc, 12oz @ $10.99 30 pack (good find) = $0.678 - but still the best tasting of the bunch.

So there you have it: super unscientific results, but the point is either you get a scuzzy bottle of booze and drink it straight, or you buy a giant pack of radness and look awesome to your friends. You make the call.

Oh, and this site just did this whole thing more thoroughly than me. Apparently they made out with a keg of beast ice or some less reputable brands of vodka. Good for them!?

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