Saturday, January 17, 2009

fan base

For the most part, there are approximately 4 people who read this regularly. I know this, and appreciate each one of you.

There is, however, some secondary traffic, from passerbys with time on their hands and odd search criteria on their brains. I get these statistics from google analytics (it'll be helpful to have these numbers on hand when negotiating my next contract) and thought I'd share some.

Search terms which brought traffic to the site:

-catwear anus (3 visits, not sure what the first one found that necessitated additional visits)
-computer people crap (2 visits - I'm registered as a crappy computer person)
-AAA memberships and telemarketing (1 visit)
-abf clubbing (1 visit @ 160bpm)
-biopsy for rash (1 visit - I'm not surprised there weren't more)
-dr quackstein (1 visit - no referral fee received)
-drool phlegm (1 visit - and really?)
-eli jaxon bear molestation (1 visit)
-lesbianexplosion (1 visit, 1 amazing word)
-spit phlegm in my face (1 visit, and yes, please) (1 visit - note to self, register domain name)
-somgf (1 visit)
-prison inmates (1 visit)
-hipaa in laymen's terms (1 visit, sic, and I'm pretty sure they didn't find what they were looking for on this site)

The internet is a wonderful place.


Andy said...

I can never remember the address, so I usually find your blog by googling various combinations of animals/sexual activities. Brings it up every time.

Trina said...

I have to admit that lesbianexplosion and 2 of the catwear anus hits were mine. Just doing a little "research" will all my free time. Being unemployed sure is fun. *sigh*

Oh Matt said...

I decided to "catwear anus" to see if that really brought about your site. It didn't. However, it did bring a lot of other very disturbing sites. And coming from me, that's an accomplishment.

Anyway. Google asked me if I meant "Catbar Anus"... which I'm afraid to see if that's really what I meant. And well, really google? REALLY?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Thomas,
Good to see you are still at it.
4 regular viewers is still more than Colin you should feel proud?
Anyway, sorry to hear about your ride.
Just remember ...that shit don't happen in SoPo.
Carly is gone now...plenty of seats for you to pick from!!

Go Phillies!!!!

I am not publishing my identity, but you can probably guess!!!! Menudo is in 1st place again........will probably drop out of the playoffs in the 2nd round AGAIN!!