Thursday, December 11, 2008

can't do my 'job'

Was toiling away, diligently-like, when I received the following message.

Oh, you know what? I don't 'care'. You're a piece of 'garbage'. You just cost me like 2 'hours'. But I suppose none of that 'matters'. Want to 'kill' you. I also appreciate my options: 'OK dump all that work I just did' or 'stare at this box in disbelief indefinitely'.

Yes I'm dumb for not saving more frequently.

Contrast with the pleasant message from pandora:

Oh, you know what? I'm sorry too - I got a little impatient and may have clicked 44 times too quickly. Thanks for all you do, what with your entertaining me and rarely asking for anything in return. Good luck retrieving whatever information it is you need - I'm going to give you a break for a few hours. See you soon!

It's all about accountability.


Andy said...

It's all about where you're at in these relationships SJT. You and Pandora are still feeling eachother out, waiting to see if you're ready to commit to a long-term relationship. Pandora has to tread lightly, avoid leaving her poopy underwear on the coffee table, farting, or letting hair grow out of that mole. Windows, on the other hand, knows you're stuck with her. She knows she can wear sweatpants all weekend, call your mother a whore, and stop going to the gym. Women!

T-Money said...

I heart Pandora!

Why has Andy had a relationship where someone left poopy underwear on the coffee table? Or was that you?

Andy said...

It's a metaphor. But also, I've never had a relationship that didn't involve soiled underwear at some point. Is that weird?